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Chuck Knows Church

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The series featuring Chuck, a witty, fount of knowledge about all things church, is produced by the General Board of Discipleship (GBOD) office of communications and worship resource team, in collaboration with the United Methodist Publishing House and United Methodist Communications.

“Chuck Knows Church was developed to invite churched and nominally churched people to understand the ‘stuff’ we see and do in church,” said Karen Greenwaldt, GBOD General Secretary. “It’s meant for a broad audience—youth and older. Each episode is presented in a simple, brief and fun way.

“Many church members can benefit from a short and informal description of the things they find in church,” Greenwaldt said.

“We found through research that even long-time members knew very little about some foundational symbols and terms used in their church—such as what’s a paschal candle, why is there both a pulpit and a lectern and what really is the purpose of a narthex,” said Steve Horswill-Johnston, Executive Director of Communications and Brand Strategy at GBOD.

“Fun, quirky and solidly informative, Chuck Knows Church was designed for anyone who has ever wondered about the meaning of the symbols, rituals and practices of Christian worship generally, and United Methodist worship in particular,” said Taylor Burton-Edwards, Director of Worship Resources at GBOD.

Chuck Knows Church is meant to augment the local church’s education of its members in a social networking environment. It’s not meant to be a full and complete explanation of each week’s subject. At the end of each episode Chuck invites viewers to learn more by asking their pastor.

“Today nearly all of us mediate our world through screens. Chuck Knows Church has been produced with this understanding. It’s an attempt to present vital information, yet in an informal social media type of approach,” Horswill-Johnston said.

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